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Is Google Scaring Away Your Customers?

Over the past month, you’ve probably noticed a new “Not Secure” warning being displayed next to a website address in your browser. In this post, I’m going explain what this is all about and how it can affect your electrical business.

Google is getting tough

At the end of October 2017, Google started to warn Chrome users about websites that are not secure. Since then Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft have also begun to issue similar warnings. Here’s how Google is displaying their warning.

website not secure

You’re probably thinking “Why is a website labeled as Not secure?

The main reason a website could be seen as a threat is due to the lack of a secure encrypted connection between your computer and a website. Without a secure connection, creepy web crawlers, bots, and phishing attackers can use your connection to hack or attack your website at any time.

And don’t think that just because you’re running a small electrical business, your small website will be spared from this type of attack. They are getting more common every day.

Google has decided to get tough on these online hackers and attackers by introducing the “Not Secure” warning for any site that does not provide a secure connection via a recognized security certificate. If you don’t have a security certificate installed on your website, Google, Firefox, Apple and Microsoft will display a “Not Secure” or similar warning to your visitors. And that’s not going to make you look good, is it?

So how do you make your website secure?

To make your website secure, you need to buy and install a security certificate that adds a security technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to your website. The SSL technology has been around for some time, and you’ve probably noticed HTTPS when logging into your banking or buying from a store online.

Once you’ve installed an SSL certificate, your website address will change from using HTTP at the beginning to using HTTPS and Google will then recognize your site as secure. The “S” at the end of HTTP is for Secure, by the way.

The dangers of not having an SSL certificate installed

Eventually, all websites will need to have an SSL certificate installed to eliminate the warnings. Electrical business owners will benefit a great deal from adding this extra layer of security as it helps prevent their website from being labeled “Not Secure” and also reduces the chances of being targeted by hackers and malicious bots.

Installing an SSL certificate on your website is not very expensive, so there’s no excuse for not doing it. However, if you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why it’s a bad idea to ignore installing an SSL certificate:

  • Your website will be labeled as “Not Secure”, and although your site will still be accessible, visitors may leave because of the warning.
  • Clients may not trust you. The “Not Secure” warning could negatively influence clients, and that’s never good for business. People like to feel safe when they are online – especially if they are trying to buy something – so if your website doesn’t provide a sense of safety, your visitors might also think your business can’t be trusted.
  • Your search positions will be affected due to Google indexing secure websites higher in their search results. You may not see a major drop at first, but Google has said it will start favoring secure websites over ones that are not secure.

When you run a small business, every new customer matters and by installing a Secure Sockets Layer certificate your visitors and customers will know that you care about online security. An SSL certificate doesn’t cost much, but it does go a long way to let people know your website is safe to use and your company is professional.

ssl certificates for electricians

What it looks like when an SSL Certificate is installed.

It’s a small cost to make your website visitors feel safe

Ultimately, the cost of an SSL certificate is significantly lower than the cost of the business you might lose from a “Not Secure” website warning. Turning prospective customers away because of the lack of a low-cost security certificate will probably end up costing you a lot more in the long run!

If you need help to install an SSL certificate on your website, give us a call at 1-866-972-1088, or get a free consultation.

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