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Electrical Web Solutions Giving Bacl - M28 Missions

Giving Back – M28 Missions

Each year we try to donate some of our time and expertise to help a non-profit organization with their marketing, SEO, and website. We find this experience to be personally uplifting and rewarding. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to be better people and appreciate how lucky we really are.

In late March, I visited Miami to attend a web business mastermind event called Rockstar Empires. After spending three days with some amazing like-minded business people, I decided to visit a Starbucks to do some planning and personal development.

Just after I arrived, I met a guy called Nelson, and we started talking. He told me about a charity he was running that distributed food, blankets and words of love to the homeless and needy children in Miami. He then showed me a video he had on his computer and I became incredibly moved by what I saw.  I asked Nelson if he had a website. When he said no, I replied: “You will have one by the end of the day.”

Next, I jumped into the private Facebook group for Rockstar Empires and asked for volunteers to help. Within minutes, many of my new friends from Rockstar Empires were working behind the scenes and helping me to build a website for Nelson and his charity. At one time in the afternoon, there were fifteen of us from six different time zones working on the website.  It was an incredible feeling to be part of that.

Just over twenty-four hours later (sixteen of which I spent at the same Starbucks), we had finished a complete website including a donation page and a full set of social media profiles for M28 Missions. They now have a full web presence to help them carry on their mission.

As a footnote, it was such a life-changing experience for all of us that with the help of Troy Dean (our Rockstars mentor) we formed a non-profit web design organization called We’re now going to try to do at least two of these types of projects each year.

Visit the M28Missions Website

About The Electrician Website Guy

Before starting Electrical Web Solutions, Colin was in the electrical industry for over 25 years. He spent most of his early years converting relay-logic systems to PLCs and his later years as the marketing manager for a large electrical supplier.Colin built his first website back in the mid-1990’s to help his customers access manuals and data-sheets online. These days you’ll find him using his sales and marketing experience along with proven conversion strategies to create “sales focused” websites and SEO solutions for electricians and electrical contractors around the world.

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