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After spending 25 years in the electrical industry, we started Electrical Web Solutions to help other electrical businesses get more sales from the internet.

Every day we help electricians and electrical contractors around the world generate more business than their competitors. If you want to get more people calling you for electrical work, we can help you too!

Who We Are

Electrical Web Solutions is a web design and marketing company that was founded to help electricians and electrical contractors improve their online presence and generate more sales.

Our team of professional web designers and digital marketing experts focus on building sales-driven, web solutions for electrical contractors and electrical suppliers who are looking to leverage the internet to generate new sales opportunities.

With over two decades of web design and marketing experience in the electrical industry, we strive to be the leader in websites, SEO, and marketing solutions for electricians and electrical contractors. We are aiming to be the number one marketing resource for electrical businesses!

Our goal is to partner with electricians to provide industry-leading website solutions and support that helps them grow their business.

Our mission is to build the best lead-generating and sales-focused websites for electricians and electrical contractors in the world.

It doesn't matter if you're a solo electrician or a large electrical contractor, we'll work with you to increase your website traffic and put the right systems in place to ensure you convert more of your website visitors into jobs and projects.

Years in Electrical Industry
Years of Sales & Marketing
Years of Web Design
Years of SEO

How We Work

We believe that the best websites are built on solid sales strategies rather than looks. That's why we take a sales-first approach to every project we work on.

Let's face it... if you're running an electrical business, you want to get a steady flow of traffic to your website... you also want to convert more of your website visitors into customers... and you would probably like to get more referrals and repeat work from your existing customers.

That's where we come in - Our approach to building websites, which has worked for hundreds of other electrical businesses like yours, is based on three core elements:

  1. Generate Traffic (attract your ideal customers)
  2. Optimize Conversions (convert more visitors into customers)
  3. Engage & Inform (nurture customers for more work & referrals)

When you add in all our sales experience, best-in-class website technologies, and twenty-five years of electrical industry knowledge, it's no wonder we have a growing group of happy electrical clients. 

"Our new website has been a huge success! We have seen a large increase in traffic and many new sales leads generated from our site."

Mike Daly

SNS Industrial Group

Why Choose Us?

With all the noise and chatter being created these days by so-called "marketing experts", it's difficult to know who to trust and what to believe. When you throw in some flunky website platforms and a lot of lousy SEO advice, it's no surprise you're a little put off from starting your new website project. To help separate us from that crowd, here are a few things that make us different. 

100% Electrical

Working 100% on electrical websites enables us to be specialists in web design and marketing for electricians and electrical contractors. You save time and money because we already know what works and what doesn't.

Budget Friendly

We offer a range of web design and SEO packages for all sizes of electrical business. From solo electricians just starting out, to large contractors looking to take their business to the next level, we have solutions for all budgets.

Best Support

Our support team includes experienced electrical people who understand electrical acronyms and terminology so you'll never get stuck explaining things. We also provide a full library of training videos to help you with your website.

Sales Experts

Very few web designers have any real sales experience, especially in the electrical industry. Our team has more than 25 years of electrical sales and marketing experience that you can leverage to grow your business.